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A&S soundbars are exclusively made to complete your home entertainment. Look no further than a meaningful experience filled with crystal clear sound and powerful audio performance.

Create the ultimate home theater experience with A&S. The Cinematic Bar features impressive Dolby Atmos effects that would intensely move you to the edge of your seat. ● Incredible Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Channel Soundbar System ● Power output of 380W ● Integrates a wireless subwoofer ● Includes remote control ●...
Whether you are happily tuning to your favourite tunes, watching your addictive dramas or playing your intense video games, A&S have got you covered to strengthen your stereo beats in elevating your sound experience. ● Integrates a wireless subwoofer ● Cable compatibility of source inputs ranging from AUX / Optical...
The A&S Bar 200 is an all-in-one soundbar to perfect your home entertainment environment. Its slim and sleek design incorporates a subwoofer to deliver stellar sound performance within the comfort of your home. ● Compacts a built-in Subwoofer ● Multiple source inputs of AUX / Optical / Coaxial / HDMI...
Ideal for minimal spaces, this petite powerhouse bar packs a punch of exceptional audio quality to give you more volume and more clarity for your home entertainment. ● Comes as a metal grill speaker ● Has a matte black housing ● Total output power of 15W x 2 ● Includes...
Embark on a cinematic journey when you choose A&S to complement your TV with enhanced audio. Make the most out of your TV experience from this user-friendly soundbar for cinema-quality sound. ● Source Inputs: AUX / OPTICAL ● Smooth wireless connectivity with Bluetooth v4.2 streaming ● Includes remote control ...

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