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Introducing A&S – The perfect lifestyle audio companion. Designed to impress, A&S is set to conquer ears for years.
About A&S
The perfect lifestyle audio companion.

Ashley and Sharon are two childhood friends who are passionate about anything and everything music. They grew up spending most of their time immersed in awesome audio experiences to listen, sing and dance to the beats of the hottest playlists. When the pair of best friends decided to move into a small studio apartment together, they discovered that their current home audio systems were big on its price tag and size. This was unpractical for their student lifestyles and newfound home that was limited in space. It was then a lightbulb moment came upon them to turn their disappointing experience into a business idea. In pursuit for affordable sound system that compacts premium performance, Ashley and Sharon teamed up and the A&S brand was born.

A&S Hurricane-S Speaker
Move with the music.
A&S Cinematic Bar with Dolby Atmos 800
Life is an adventure.
A&S 2.1 Bar with Wireless Subwoofer 300
Redefining quality of sound.
A&S 2.1 Bar with Built-In Subwoofer 200
Home sweet sound.
A&S Mini Studio Bar 110
Little but loud.
A&S Studio Bar 100
Sound your TV deserves.
Designed to impress, conquer ears for years
Features and Benefits
Spotify Connect
Wireless Subwoofer
Dolby Atmos
HDMI Connect
Wifi Multi Room
A&S Connect
Bluetooth Connect
Dolby Digital
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